Eric Guest & Jessica-Antonia Baker

The Bride & Groom

Wedding to be held on

16 May, 2011




I remember being a little girl dreaming of settling down and having a fulfilling life with my own perfect picture of my wedding A striking grand event that highlights me in a beautiful white dress, walking down the aisle filled with lights and flowers towards the person that I would spend the rest of my life with. On this elegant occasion, I would be the star, the princess, the main event to whom all eyes are on. It happens once in a lifetime. That's why when a little girl dreams about her big wedding, make sure it happens . Although in reality now when I dream about my perfect wedding it will not be about the beautiful white dress, the large crowd of attendees, the delicious meals to be served, or even the elegant wedding place. My perfect wedding will be about marrying my Prince Charming at the right time and the right place, because the perfect wedding will mark the start of our lifetime of love and our happiness together from that day on we will be Happily ever after. I want to make my Dream Wedding come true, and that being said Eric and myself have decided to make our dreams come true by getting married on The Beach in Cancun Mexico. This was a difficult decision to make, not because I had doubts of getting married there but, knowing by making my dream wedding come true would also mean having to compromise not everyone would be able to attend because of the distance and cost. Attached you will find info about the cost of attending .I completely understand if your not able to come. I wish everybody was able to attend but I know everybody will be there at heart and there will be many pictures taken to capture every moment of our special day for those who wont be attending, And for those attending it will be a a great vacation filled with many of breath-taking memories.Lets Have fun !!